Our Charities

The Zambezi Elephant Fund
What is ZEF?
The Zambezi Elephant fund was formed in 2015 as a collaborative, supportive initiative to actively address poaching in the Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe.
ZEF works collaboratively with the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority, NGOs and the private sector to develop, implement and manage: anti-poaching operations, field equipment and supplies for rangers and support teams, anti-poaching ranger training, conservation security planning and implementation, information systems and networking, and technology and systems for anti-poaching operations.
Why the Zambezi Elephant fund?
In the summer of 2018 one of our founders (Basil) worked closely with the Zambezi elephant fund in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe and managed to get a very close insight into the magnificent work the charity does for not only the elephants, but also the wildlife in the Zambezi valley. 
In the past 13 years, 60% of the Zambezi Valley’s elephants have been lost. For this reason Herbert & Cluff will be donating 10% of our profits to this magnificent charity and trying to make as big a difference as we can.
LINK: https://www.zambezielephantfund.org